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Goodbye to Daisy but not Goodbye to awesome classes!

Today (31st August) is the last day for The Daisy Foundation. I have been proud to be a part of Daisy for over 10 years so it is an emotional end to something that is so much more than just a class.

Soon after my daughter was born I saw an advert on Netmums for antenatal teachers in the Harrow area. I had a look at the website and found out a bit more about the company and the sort of classes it was and decided to go for it.

It made sense to me because these classes sounded like just what I would have liked to attend during my second pregnancy. With my eldest I just went to the hospital classes and, to be honest, didn’t really learn very much as we had done quite a bit of reading already. His birth was straightforward but I really could have done with some coping techniques that didn’t involve me screaming! I even remember asking about breathing techniques in those classes and being told not to worry about it now, someone would tell me what to do when the time came. Well it turns out when you arrive at the birth centre 6cm dilated is not the time to try and figure out your breathing!

When I was pregnant the second time I read up on hypnobirthing, I learnt more about using movement and positions and this is what I put into practice. I was calmer, I was walking around and I stayed upright. It was much quicker and easier.

So when I read about Daisy Birthing it just matched everything I had done differently and it made sense to run these classes.

In January 2013 I set up off for a very cold Ipswich with a 6 month old baby and my mum, to do the week long Birthing training. It was a great week as I learnt so much more about birth and how to deliver classes and was really excited to get going.

In late February 2013 I taught my very first Daisy Birthing class in Harrow. Pinner classes followed a couple of months later and, with a few venue changes along the way, those classes still remain.

Once I started these classes I realised it was only natural to add in baby classes too so in September 2013 I was off to Ipswich again to train in Tinies and Wrigglers classes.

Over the years there have been some changes and additions to what I offer. Lazy Daisy became The Daisy Foundation (around 2014 I think), Parent classes came at the start of 2016 – I know that because I was pregnant when I started teaching them!

In 2018 I was made redundant from my part time job and decided to see if I could make self-employed life work for me.

I signed up to the full year long Daisy training program (I could teach nearly everything already but it meant a refresh and update on everything which was really good), I trained as a postnatal doula and took on the role of chair of the Maternity Voices Partnership for a local trust.

Why have I been a part of Daisy for 10 years?

Well, I love the content of classes. They are cleverly created to give you what you need, whether you realised it or not. Searching for a pregnancy yoga class? Well here are amazing ways to cope with labour and lots of antenatal education as well. Thinking baby massage is a good class? How about adding in education on your baby’s development and some postnatal movement and relaxation time for you?

And of course the absolutely best thing is the amazing support you find. Week after week I see mums (and dads) looking out for each other, checking in, offering support and advice and just generally being awesome. I only teach small classes, it means it is really easy to get to know everyone and we always, always have time to chat and answer any questions. Daisy provides great birth preparation and well designed baby classes but the priority is always you. You matter! It is so easy to feel lost in pregnancy or postnatal as you figure out who you are and what your role looks like but when you come to a baby class you are you. Not your baby’s mummy, but you. When we sing Hello we sing baby names and mum names so everyone is known. If someone is having a tough time and needs some extra time to talk I can easily rejig the class to ensure we can do that and still do lots of fun stuff for our babies.

What makes Daisy different is that it isn’t just a class. It is so much more than somewhere you go, do and leave.

But that is also true when you are on my side too. Over the past 10 years we have had that amazing community of teachers too. There is always someone there for advice or support, when you need someone to just understand the stuff going on in classes you know there is a safe space for questions and sharing.

So as we say Goodbye to Daisy it is also a massive thank you for the wonderful memories, the people who have been on this journey with me and to Sian who does all the work behind the scenes to run Daisy and create all the content, training and classes that you see. Daisy has meant that I have been able to be self-employed and work in a way that works for my family. Yes I would love to earn more but I also love that I can do school runs, be at sports day, concerts and plays and juggle things around when needed in the school holidays.

BUT! This isn’t goodbye from me, yes it is goodbye to Daisy but I am still here and still supporting families through pregnancy, birth and beyond. With antenatal classes, baby classes and postnatal doula support I will carrying on the ethos that I have learnt from the Daisy years. I won’t ever be teaching just a class, I won’t ever stop checking in with everyone, will do my very best to remember your name and your baby’s name and will always have time to reply to your questions and messages. Because it turns out Daisy has helped me find my passion and a job where I can really work with it.

Whether you are pregnant or recently had a baby come and join us, we would love to welcome you to our community and walk this journey with you.

Beth x

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