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Postnatal Doula Services

What is a postnatal doula?

A postnatal doula is someone there for you in the early days, weeks or months as you transition into your new family. A postnatal doula can provide practical and emotional support and be the extra pair of hands you need as you recover from birth and figure out life with your new little person.

Whether this is your first baby or not, a postnatal doula can be a reassuring presence, listening ear and guide to information as you find your feet and work out how parenting looks for your family.

A doula will not tell you what to do but can help you work through the options and information to decide what is right for you.

I am based in Harrow and trained as a postnatal doula in 2019. I am fully insured and a recognised Doula UK doula, which means I took an approved training course and have completed a period of mentoring. I have been working with expectant and new families since 2013 so you are in experienced, safe hands.

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A postnatal doula in your own home can be invaluable when you have a new baby. From a listening ear to an extra pair of hands it can make all the difference to your postnatal time.

Support for you might look like feeding help or someone to care for your baby while you rest or enjoy a long shower. Support will look different for every family so get in touch to see how we could work together.

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Virtual support is perfect if you do not need the practical support of someone in your home or you live a little further from me.
We can connect with an online call with time to talk through all your questions and concerns, either a one off or a regular catch up. 
Or maybe a few weeks of WhatsApp support would help you. A chance to fire off questions as often as you need to for a fixed period.
Beth supported me for a couple of months following a post natal depression diagnosis. Her calming presence, sound knowledge of and experience with babies was a huge comfort to me – a first time mum – during this really difficult time. The time she spent with my daughter (and knowing my daughter was in a safe pair of hands) gave me some much needed rest and time to myself to aid my recovery. Thank you Beth!
Beth has been a huge, huge help to me and our family with our twin babies and also our two pre-schoolers. I really needed the extra support when the twins arrived and Beth was super both in providing considered advice, being there to have a chat and blow off some steamand giving practical help with the babies and older children to give me a bit of a rest. I really like her down to earth attitude and her ability to get stuck in, whether that’s holding a baby, changing a nappies, doing some light housework or reading to the older siblings while I have some time out. The kids love her and she has been great with the babies, so much so that she still does 2 days a week and the babies are 7 months! Thanks Beth!
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