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Birth Options
Birth with confidence - your way
The Birth Options session is a space to explore more about the choices you make for your birth.

From the moment you find out you are pregnant you are plunged to a whole new world with a very steep learning curve! As your pregnancy progresses you will be hearing more and more terms and abbreviations and together we can ensure that you understand your options for birth and feel confident about your choices.

The agenda is set by you.

You might be having a straight forward pregnancy and want to understand more about how you can birth naturally.

You might have had some interventions suggested to you that you don't understand or feel confused by.

Your pregnancy might be more complicated medically but you want to be clear on what the best options are for you.

This session is not about me telling what to do, I am here to listen and to help you decide what is right for you and your baby. I will help you find and understand the research and stats if that is what needed, or help you work through the pros and cons of the different options you are considering.

Please note that I am not medically trained, you should still consult your medical team. I will give you the time and space to explore your options and look at the available information to confidently make your decisions.
Frequently Asked Questions
What will we cover?

It really is up to you to set your priorities. You might want to explore where to have your baby - home, birth centre or labour ward. Or maybe you need to know more about pain relief or induction. Are you considering an elective caesarean birth but aren't too sure? Have you been recommended induction, or continuous monitoring or something else you aren't too sure about? Are thinking about what happens when baby is born? Placenta, cord clamping, skin to skin. Whatever you need is what we cover.

How does it work?

Your session can be at your home (check I can get to you!) or online and we talk through your concerns and start to put together your preferences and ideas. I can email you a summary of what we discussed and am happy to do more research for you. If you need a follow up session that can be arranged.

How much does it cost?

A session is up to two hours and costs £65 in your own home or £50 online. Follow up sessions can also be arranged.

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