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Tinies Baby Massage Classes

A unique mum and baby class with elements for postnatal recovery as well as newborn development
Are you feeling ready to get out and about with your baby?

Tinies is a very special baby class for you and your baby. It is a space where you and your baby can learn together as you both figure out this new life.

You will learn a calming and gentle baby massage routine for your both to enjoy as well as soothing movements to help your baby relax and connect with you.

Massage is amazing for babies with so many benefits for their health and bonding.

But Tinies is so much more than a baby massage class.

You and your baby are learning and one thing you are probably aware of is trying to pick up their cues. Spending this time focusing on your baby will help you understand them better.

Your baby has so much to learn and the massage and movement we do will help their co-ordination and balance and lay down the all important neural connections for long term learning. Every time you repeat something the nerve connections are reinforced so repetition really is good for babies.

Enjoying movements to help develop proprioception and the vestibular system both of which are crucial for your baby to progress through their milestones.

But Tinies isn't just about your baby, it is about YOU as well. The birth of your baby is a huge change for you as well, both physically and emotionally. Physically we do some gentle postnatal stetches and focus on core and pelvic floor as your body heals from pregnancy and birth. The last few minutes of each class is relaxation time. As a new mum relaxation time is in short supply so this is your chance to enjoy some time for you. You might be holding of feeding your baby or maybe you are lying down together closing your eyes and switching off.

Importantly Tinies is a really safe space for you to come to. You will find a warm welcome, a small group of people and a place where you can be genuinely you, bad day or good. Every class we have time to catch and support each other, ask for advice or share information. It's a great way to learn more about infant development and what ther people are experiencing too (spoiler - it isn't just you!). Every class has its own WhatsApp group so you can keep chatting, stay connected and arrange meet ups. 

I know all about how unpredictable newborns are and I know that you are not going to join in for every class every week. There are times you will be feeding, need to change a nappy, have a sleeping baby or just a baby who needs a cuddle.

For this reason Tinies is quite a repetitive class. This means that dipping in and out works fine, over the term you will probably get to do it all but if you don't, that's fine you will be watching and can try it at home.

Being repetitive also means you and your baby will know what to expect, the flow of the class will feel familiar which is just what you need in a sleep deprived state!
Frequently Asked Questions
What age is Tinies for?

Tinies is suitable for babies from around 6 weeks up to 5 months. If your baby is younger and you feel ready to join you are very welcome. Younger babies do tend to sleep and feed a lot so come expecting to only do parts of the class. But of course Tinies is also about you so if you want to be out and about and seeing others then come along! The other thing to consider is your recovery. We aren't doing anything strenuous but you are sitting on the floor with your baby and we do do some gentle movement lifting babies but there is no pressure to do anything you aren't comfortable with. Make sure you feel able to get up and down from the floor though.

My baby is quite unsettled, I don't know if I should come?

You are so welcome to come with your unsettled baby. The class could help them! If you are having a tough time with your baby then getting out and seeing other people is hugely important. I understand how hard that can feel but you can be confident we are all there to support you, no one will judge you and hopefully you leave feeling confident about being out together

Can another adult come with me?

I am afraid not. Tinies is a safe space for mums (or the birthing person) and their baby. It is often the first place to come with your baby, the first place to breastfeed in public or the first public nappy change. Saying no to other people in the room protects our space for whatever you need it to be and allows everyone to be open and honest. If you are worried about coming on your own please let me know. I can be ready to meet you or help you get in with your baby and settled. When your baby grows and joins Wrigglers or Movers, then partners or grandparents can bring baby along.

What do I need to bring?

Bring all your usual baby bag bits. You will need something to lie your baby on, a yoga mat or a blanket or towel is ideal. If you want to give your baby an oily massage please bring some oil or cream with you. This might be something you have used already, if not please try a tiny patch test on your baby's skin a day or so before class just to make sure there a no reactions. Organic vegetable oils are a great option, neutral, natural and not the end of the world if baby accidentally gets a taste! Please try and avoid more chemical, heavily scented products on your baby's skin.

What shall we wear?

For you - just something you are comfortable in bearing in mind you will be mostly sitting on the floor. For baby - something easy to dress and undress them in. A sleepsuit and vest is fine or top and trousers if you are ready for real clothes! We build up our massage over the term so to begin it will just be legs and feet, then tummies as well so you won't need to fully undress them every week. If your baby hates getting undressed or dressed you can massage over clothes.

I have twins! How does it work?

I have taught lots of twin mums and one thing I have seen is how amazing they are at managing two babies! First things first, you only need to book one space for you and your twins, I am sure you have enough expense without paying for two spaces in a class. I usually encourage twin mums to sit next to me so I can help out if you need me. I can help you bring babies and bags into the room or keep an eye on babies as you get settled. If you want me to hold a baby I am more than happy to do so! I always recommend you massge your babies and as we are repetitive it is usually possible to do both with one hand on each or one after the other. Message me if you want to chat further.

What is the block booking discount?

Planning to stay with me? If you book two terms of classes you get a 10% discount. It doesn't need to be the same class - if your baby will be 20+ weeks for the second term please book Wrigglers.

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