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Face to Face Support

As your postnatal doula I am able to be the extra pair of hands or listening ear that you need in the early days as you recover (rest!) after birth and grow in confidence. I can direct you to information as you learn about life with your new baby.

However you are feeling after the birth of your baby I am there to support you.

We'll celebrate the good days and face the challenges together. As a postnatal doula I can offer you the extra pair of hands you need when you have a new baby.

Maybe you don't feel too confident about some of your options or choices caring for your baby. I can point you in the direction of up to date information or research and be a sounding board as you make your decisions.

Common topics for support include feeding choices, sleep, winding, normal newborn behaviour, infant development, routines and your postnatal recovery while getting to know your little one.

Newborn baby

Tasks I can help you with include;

  • caring for your baby to allow you to rest/bath etc.

  • help with feeding, breast or bottle

  • help with older children (or care for baby while you are with them)

  • load washing machine/dishwasher

  • light housework/tidying

  • talk through your birth experiences

  • help research products, information or services

  • show you baby massage strokes to help calm and soothe baby

mum and baby

A postnatal doula is there to care for and support mum as much as baby so there may be other things you think would benefit you. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Sessions can be arranged to suit your needs. You might decide to book a package to cover your first weeks or you might  just need a one off session.

I live, car-free, in Harrow and work around school times. Please get in touch to see how I can support you.

Thursday 16th November
The Birthing Class Pinner

Sunday 10th December

The Confident Birth Workshop

Thursday 4th January 
The Birthing Class Pinner

Tuesday 9th January

The Antenatal Course

Wednesday 10th January Baby Classes

Monday 15th January  
The Confident Birth Workshop

Wednesday 17th January The Birthing Class Harrow
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