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Active Birth Workshop
Prepare for labour with all the tools and techniques you and your birth partner need for a positive birth

How are you both feeling about birth? Maybe a bit unsure what to expect, a bit uncertain what a birth partner will actually do?

The Active Birth Workshop is a one-off session which will give you and your birth partner the knowledge and tools for birth.

You will get straightforward, upto date, evidence based information. No game playing, no role plays (breathing and massage techniques practice only!), just a chance to learn together. 

Learning together will help you both understand your choices, your preferences and the pros and cons to make your informed decisions.

Having someone beside you to advocate for you if needed is such an important thing and making sure that person understands birth, knows your breathing and what positions you plan to use means they can keep you on track and protect your space when you need it. 

The Active Birth Workshop is great for first time parents or as a refresher if you've done this before.

Private workshops are also available, in your home or online. Please get in touch to enquire about availability.

Suitable for first, or subsequent babies, this session is a one-off 3.5 hour workshop packed full of essential information and tips for birth. Not only will you leave feeling prepared for birth but your birth partner will be confident and ready to support you too.

Understand the main principles of birth and how to apply them

Understand how the body works in birth - the hormones and the anatomy

Ideas for your birth preferences (plans) as we talk about some of the choices and interventions that might come up

Breathing techniques for each stage of labour (and their uses in different birth journeys)

Learn about different positions and how to use movement in your birth

Lots of ways for your birth partner to support you including massage techniques

Contact me for information on private workshops if you prefer

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