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Movers Yoga & Sensory

Baby yoga, sensory play, songs and games for a fun way to aid your baby's development.
Is your baby on the move? If you have a little one who is crawling or walking then Movers is the place for you - and them

Once your baby starts moving everything changes (and not just because you need to move everything up a shelf or two). 

At this stage your baby will be learning so much. The milestones come fast as you see them wave, clap, walk and run plus start talking.

Movers is a safe space for your little one to explore and learn with you. We have lots of fun, many laughs and love celebrating all the highs and lows of this exciting stage.

We encourage our Movers to join in with yoga and games as they are learning more skills and gaining more control and understanding about their bodies. I love seeing them copy and enjoy our movement and games.

Everything that we do from our warm up songs and games through yoga and play is carefully designed to encourage our little ones to explore their bodies and learn new skills. With lots of repetition it is amazing to see how quickly they pick up on our regular moves and songs and how excited they get for their favourites.

You might feel like you should be a pro parent by now but we know that every stage comes with its own challenges and this age is no different. There is still time for a catch up and chat every week and we still learn lots about development so you can carry on the activities you choose at home. Whether it is sleep, separation anxiety, returning to work or nursery settling we have got support for you.

Come and join us for Movers, it is the place to embrace the choas and enjoy some fun time with your little one.
Frequently Asked Questions
What age is Movers for?

Movers is for babies who are around 9-10 months up to 2 years. If your baby is younger and already crawling or walking then come and join Movers. Wrigglers is the class for babies who aren't on the move yet or up to about 9 months.

I am at work, can someone else bring my baby?

Absolutely! We see all sorts of adults join Movers. Mums, dads, grandparents, nannies and other carers are all welcome. Just let me know when you book who will be coming.

What do I need to bring?

Bring all your usual baby bag bits. If you can please bring a mat or blanket for you and baby to sit on. It can all get a bit chaotic in Movers but it is nice to mark a space for your little one to come back to! I will provide all the things you need within the class

What's in the bag?

Each class you will have your own little bag of props. We started this as we came back after lockdown but it works really well. Each baby will have bells, a prop for the theme, a sensory item to explore or play with and a little bag of different textures/fabrics for when we read our book together. There are times we might share things e.g. when we play with balls or cars we might whizz them to our friends.

I have twins! How does it work?

I have taught lots of twin mums and one thing I have seen is how amazing they are at managing two babies! First things first, you only need to book one space for you and your twins, if you plan for it to be two adults, one for each twin please book two spaces. Movers can be a fairly chaotic class with our babies all starting to explore so please don't worry you will need to keep your babies still all the time. I can help you bring babies and bags into the room or keep an eye on babies as you get settled. If you want me to hold a baby I am more than happy to do so! In Movers we are encouraging our little ones to be more independent and copy us so no need to worry about jumping between babies. Everything is quite repetitive so if you need to do something one baby at a time you will be able to. Message me if you want to chat further.

What is the block booking discount?

Planning to stay with me? If you book two terms of classes you get a 10% discount. It doesn't need to be the same class - if you think your baby will be ready for Movers next term but not this one book, Wrigglers for now and Movers for the second term.

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