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The Confident Birth Workshop
A free workshop to help you learn how you can prepare to birth confidently and have the positive experience you deserve.
With over 10 years experience of teaching antental and baby classes I have heard hundreds of birth stories and prepared many local people for birth and beyond. 

Your birth is a very personal affair. You come with a history that is unique to you and with that will come views and opinions on birth.

You might have had a baby before, maybe you needed fertility treatment, have experienced loss or have heard many stories from friends and family. We all have our own perspectives and our antenatal and birth care should be personalised to reflect this.

In this free workshop I will help you start to think about what matters to you in birth and what will help you to birth positively and with confidence.

I tell everyone I teach that, in the nicest possible way, I don't care what you choose for your birth - epidural or not, induction, caesarean birth or a home birth. This birth is yours, not mine, and my opinions do not matter at all.

What I do care about passionately is that you are supported and have the information you need to decide and this workshop will help you start to think about what matters for you.
Important Class Information

The Confident Birth Workshop is suitable whatever your birth thoughts or pregnancy complications.

You are welcome to attend at any stage of pregnancy. Early on, or closer to due date you will still benefit from the workshop.

I cannot provide any medical information or personalised information in this session. Please speak with your midwife or doctor if you have any medical concerns about yourself or your baby.

The workshop will take place online with the link emailed to you a day or so prior to the session.
Wednesday 13th September
Baby Classes

Wednesday 13th September
The Birthing Class

Tuesday 19th September
The Antenatal Course

Sunday 17th September
The Confident Birth Workshop

Thursday 5th October

The Birthing Class

Monday 16th October

The Confident Birth Workshop

Tuesday 7th November
The Antenatal Course

Friday 10th November
The Confident Birth Workshop
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