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Infant Feeding Workshop
A one off session to prepare for feeding your baby - whatever your goals
The Infant Feeding Workshop is a part of The Antenatal Course but can also be a stand alone workshop

When it comes to feeding your baby there is a huge amount of opinion and information out there. The stats tell us that people want to breastfeed - locally rates on leaving hospital are high - but those figures drop pretty rapidly.

Right after birth isn't the best time to be figuring out a new skill and absorbing loads of information so antenatal preparation is really important. Of course it is differnet once baby is in your arms but having some knowledge is going to make it all a bit easier and make a whole lot more sense.

The aim of this session is not to make everyone breastfeed for x months or years. My aim is to ensure you have information and support for whatever you want to do.

I commonly hear 'I plan to breastfeed', 'I hope to breastfeed', 'I will try to breastfeed' and often followed by 'but it's ok if it doesn't work out, I know it doesn't always'.

We approach breastfeeding with very low expectations that we will succeed and often this is down to a lack of knowledge, understanding and support. Plus lots of people find when it comes to it it isn't ok if it doesn't work out. Breastfeeding can be more important to you than you realise.

Your workshop will be a small group course where you will be able to ask all your questions and ensure you have the information you need to reach your feeding goal.
Important Class Information

The Infant Feeding Workshop is for the pregnant person plus one other - ideally someone who will be around postnatally. It might be your partner, mum, sister or you might prefer to attend alone.

Classes are suitable for all choices but our focus is on breastfeeding. However, my aim is for you to feel supported to make the right choices for you without judgement or pressure.

If you would like to arrange a private workshop either online or at your home please message me.
Frequently Asked Questions
What will the session cover?

tTis workshop will help you understand milk production, positions, latching baby, normal newborn behaviour, what feeds look like, how to know your baby is getting enough milk and trouble shooting the common problems. But we will also cover bottle feeding, making up formula feeds, topping up and expressing because they may be part of your journey too.

Is this an antenatal class?

It is a class to attend before baby is born but only to cover infant feeding. No birth information or baby care here! If that is what you are looking for please look at The Antenatal Course (which includes this feeding class anyway!)

Can I bring my partner?

Yes! The workshop is for you and your partner, co-parent or another person who will be supporting you. But your are equally welcome to attend alone. If you want to chat about your family set-up prior or the course please get in touch.

How much are classes?

The workshop costs £50 per family group

When and where?

Workshops are held at St Lawrence Church, 2 Bridle Road, Eastcote, HA5 2SJ. Classes are on Tuesday evenings 7.15-9.45pm. They are held as part of The Antenatal Course and dates are released dependent on space on availability. If you don't see anything to suit please get in touch.

What is the format of the classes?

You will have mainly classroom based learning but we keep it interactive with lots of space for questions and discussions. After the session you will receive a follow up email recapping the main points with further reading and downloadable reminders so note taking is not essential. I have been teaching antenatal classes since 2013 and you have my ongoing support for questions throughout the course and beyond.

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