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It is really easy to get caught up in the all the pregnancy and birth information.

You are probably still getting to grips with all the changes pregnancy brings and the information you need to absorb about appointments, tests, your changing body and the birth.

It means we sometimes lose sight of the fact that birth isn't the end of this story!
The Planning for Postnatal session is the time and space to work through some ideas to make your recovery smoother and your adjustment to life with your baby a little easier.
In many cultures it is normal to take time to recover from birth. For up 42 days postnatally you would stay at home (staying in bed for a week or two) and be cared for by female relatives and friends. Many cultures have their own traditions to help you heal and have time to settle with your new baby. With foods or massages you are pampered and cared for as your body recovers from pregnancy and birth and you start this new journey with your baby, with time to get feeding established and get to know each other without the worries of the household.
We have moved far from many of these ideas and live in a time and place where people take pride in how quickly they are in the supermarket or doing a school run with a baby only a few days old.
Together I will help you to think about your priorities for the postnatal period, how you would like it to look and what you can do now to ensure you are able to rest, recover and adapt in the way you choose.

We will cover;
  • practical household support
  • practical physical support for your recovery
  • practical support for caring for your baby
  • emotional support
  • food and nutrition
  • visitors - who and when
  • caring for a newborn, expectations vs reality
  • relationships
  • specifics for your family - older siblings, pets, other family members
The Planning for Postnatal session is up to 2 hours and costs £65. We are able to personalise the content to address any specific concerns you have.
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