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Antenatal Classes and Workshops
A wonderful combination of pregnancy yoga, breathing, hypnobirthing techniques, relaxation time and antenatal education. All in one amazing, relaxing class carefully designed to ensure you are physically and mentally prepared for your birth.
A fully comprehensive antenatal course covering all things birth, postnatal recovery, practical baby care, infant feeding and life with baby.
For you to attend with your partner so you both feel confident and prepared whatever your choices.
A brilliant one-off session to help you both learn more about labour and the tools and techniques that will help you. Lots of information to help you work out your preferences and lots of ways for your birth partner to support and encourage you.
In this one to one session you will have time to talk about your choices for birth. We can discuss where you would like to have your baby and any interventions that might be offered to you. I will not tell you what to do or what I think is best but I will help you with research and information so you can confidently make your decisions.
A FREE online workshop to help you prepare for birth confidently and positively. Learn more about your options, decision making and what can make a real difference when it come to experiencing birth in a confident and positive way.
Suitable any time in pregnancy and for any birth preferences.
We focus so much on planning for birth and sometimes lose sight of what happens next! In this session you will have chance to think about how you would like the early days and weeks with your baby to look and what you can do to prepare. We will also talk about what to expect of life with a newborn.
A workshop packed with incredibly useful, evidence based information to help you prepare for feeding your new baby. Our focus is on breastfeeding but we also cover bottles and expressing so you are fully prepared.
Many myths busted, many amazing facts and a whole lot of support for you to achieve the journey you want with your baby.
Thursday 16th November
The Birthing Class Pinner

Sunday 10th December

The Confident Birth Workshop

Thursday 4th January 
The Birthing Class Pinner

Tuesday 9th January

The Antenatal Course

Wednesday 10th January Baby Classes

Monday 15th January  
The Confident Birth Workshop

Wednesday 17th January The Birthing Class Harrow
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