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Wrigglers Yoga & Sensory

Baby yoga, sensory play, songs and games for a fun way to aid your baby's development.
Is your baby aged from around 20 weeks to 9 months (or crawling)?

Wrigglers is the class for you - and them!

Our Wrigglers have become a lot more aware of the world around them, spending more time awake, more time looking and more time trying to explore.

Your little one might be starting to roll (or perfecting their technique!), shaking toys to make some noises, finding their voice and experimenting with it or even sitting up.

It is a really exciting time for you both as you start to see more interaction, smiles and giggles.

I am sure you are also noticing lots of new parenting challenges in this period and have lots of questions as things start to change. Wrigglers class still have the all important time for catching up, supporting each other and learning more about our babies behaviour together.
Wrigglers is carefully put together with every element designed to help your baby to learn something new. We combine baby yoga, sensory play, rhymes, games and songs to help with physical, emotional and language development ensuring your baby will meet their next milestones when they are ready.

Yoga really helps your baby with your co-ordination and balance - crucial skills for sitting, crawling and walking. Repeated movements reinforce the neural connections in their brain helping them learn and process new things.

Sensory elements are a great way for your baby to experience new textures, sounds and colours. Each week you have a bag of items to match the textures in our book so your baby can feel them as we read. We also have a time of sensory play which might be balls, ribbons, scarves, foil or bubbles where our babies can interact together as they explore.

Your little one is probably getting more chatty now altough it might still be hard to interpret their sounds! Using rhymes, songs, rhythm and beat can help them develop those language skills ready to tell you everything in their head.

One of the most popular part of class is our magical listening section. It's really very simple - I sing and shake some instruments - but our babies (and their parents) adore it. Everyone is quiet and everyone is listening

If you are looking for a baby class tailored for your baby's age and stage of development, where you can belong, be yourself and really get to know other parents and babies come and join Wrigglers.
Frequently Asked Questions
What age is Wrigglers for?

Wrigglers is best for babies from around 20 weeks up to crawling. If your baby is younger pop me a message, they might be better in our Tinies class. Younger babies can find Wrigglers a bit overwhelming and aren't always as ready to interact and engage as the older ones. If your baby is starting to crawl, Movers might be a better option for you

My baby is quite unsettled, I don't know if I should come?

You are so welcome to come with your unsettled baby. The class could help them! If you are having a tough time with your baby then getting out and seeing other people is hugely important. I understand how hard that can feel but you can be confident we are all there to support you, no one will judge you and hopefully you leave feeling confident about being out together. The choice is always yours though!

Can another adult come with me?

Please send me a message before bringing an extra adult, we may be able to accommodate if there is space. If you would like someone else to bring your baby as a one off or regularly just let me know. Wrigglers can be a really fun experience of partners to do if they are around.

What do I need to bring?

Bring all your usual baby bag bits. You will need something to lie your baby on, a yoga mat or a blanket or towel is ideal. I will provide all the things you need within the class

What's in the bag?

Each class you will have your own little bag of props. We started this as we came back after lockdown but it works really well. Each baby will have bells, a prop for the theme, a sensory item to explore or play with and a little bag of different textures/fabrics for when we read our book together. There are times we might share things e.g. when we play with balls or cars we might whizz them to our friends.

I have twins! How does it work?

I have taught lots of twin mums and one thing I have seen is how amazing they are at managing two babies! First things first, you only need to book one space for you and your twins, if you plan for it to be two adults, one for each twin please book two space. I usually encourage twin mums to sit next to me so I can help out if you need me. I can help you bring babies and bags into the room or keep an eye on babies as you get settled. If you want me to hold a baby I am more than happy to do so! I always recommend you do the yoga with your babies and as we are repetitive it is usually possible to do both with one hand on each or one after the other. Message me if you want to chat further.

What is the block booking discount?

Planning to stay with me? If you book two terms of classes you get a 10% discount. It doesn't need to be the same class - if you think your baby will be ready for Movers next term but not this one book, Wrigglers for now and Movers for the second term. Or if another term of Tinies would be best before you join Wrigglers you can book Tinies and Wrigglers. Just double check the dates!

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