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Baby Classes and Workshops
The must do course for new parents! 4 weeks to learn more about your changing postnatal body (physically and emotionally), your baby's sleep, infant brain development and bonding and tummy time. Lots of practical ways to support your baby as they grow and learn, and help you parent the way you want to.
Are you looking for a mum and baby class? Tinies has it all! Calming baby massage routines, soothing movements, songs and rhymes all designed to help your new baby learn and develop. Plus postnatal movement, core and pelvic floor work, relaxation time and chance to learn more about infant development in your small group. Ongoing whatsapp chat and support. Suitable from 6 weeks
Is your baby starting to get a bit more wriggly? For babies from around 20 weeks we have a fun mix of baby yoga, sensory play and lots of games, songs and rhymes all carefully selected to help your baby's development and help them to the next milestone.
You will learn more about their development and have lots of ideas for at home. Ongoing whatsapp chat and support.

Not currently running - message me if interested

Is your baby on the move? These are some big milestones now as you embrace the chaos of crawling and walking! Come and join us for lots of fun as practice some yoga together, sing, enjoy sensory exploration and celebrate all the achievements as the little ones grow. We have a big, safe space to explore and you can go at your baby's pace.
From around 9 months or crawling
Are you starting to think about food for your baby? Or are others starting to suggest it is time they eat something? This workshop is the perfect way to feel prepared, confident and ready for this exciting next step. We will deal with myths, answer your questions and help you figure out what food and mealtimes might look like in your house. If you are feeling anxious about introducing solid food this is definitely for you.
Thursday 16th November
The Birthing Class Pinner

Sunday 10th December

The Confident Birth Workshop

Thursday 4th January 
The Birthing Class Pinner

Tuesday 9th January

The Antenatal Course

Wednesday 10th January Baby Classes

Monday 15th January  
The Confident Birth Workshop

Wednesday 17th January The Birthing Class Harrow
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