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Baby Classes


A perfect class for mums and babies. Suitable from 6 weeks, Tinies offers a relaxed postnatal mum and baby class including baby massage, postnatal movement, calming and soothing techniques, infant education and relaxation. Plus lots of support and encouragement from your fellow mums.


Wrigglers is for babies from 18 weeks up to crawling. Once your little one is ready to explore the world we have baby yoga, sensory play, stories, games and songs to help them reach their next milestone. Carefully structured to provide just the right level of stimulation for your little one. Small classes to ensure no one feels lost. 


Cruisers is the next step when your baby starts to get on the move. Perfect for little ones who are crawling or starting to walk we have lots of fun celebrating the firsts and helping them to the next stage of development. Toddler yoga, sensory play, stories, games and songs - just like Wrigglers but more chaos!

Starting Solids.png

There are so many things to think about when starting to wean - how and when, purees or finger food, equipment, what about milk and water, which meals first? This workshop will give you the evidence based information to help you navigate this journey with confidence and fun.

Suitable for babies from around 4-6 months.

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