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The Birthing Class
A pregnancy yoga class offering so much more -
the ultimate way to prepare body and mind for birth

Welcome to your absolute must-do pregnancy class!


As you move through pregnancy and approach birth are you looking for a class that will;


  • Help you have a shorter labour and a more positive birth experience?

  • Ease pregnancy ailments (heartburn, backache, pelvic discomfort and more)?

  • Give you time out every week to focus on baby and birth?

  • Teach you relaxing hypnobirthing techniques essential for birth and pregnancy?

  • Prepare your body for birth (particularly focusing on muscles for birth such as pelvic floor and psoas muscles)?

  • Encourage your baby into the best position for their birth?

  • Allow you time to practice movement that is amazing in pregnancy but will also be great for birth?

  • Ensure you have all the tools and techniques (breathing, movement, positions and more) that you need for the journey ahead?

  • Support you to consider your options and choices ahead of time so you are ready and confident?

  • Teach you all about how birth works so you are able to work with your body and baby in the way you want to?

  • Share this time, and beyond, with a small group of other local pregnant folks?

The Birthing Class is for you!!

For 10 years it was Daisy Birthing and now I have added more pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing to give you even better value for your money.

If you are looking for a holistic class that offers unbiased support and honest, straightforward evidence based information, you are in the right place and I would love for you to share this amazing journey with us.

Important Class Information

Birthing Classes are for the pregnant person only and are suitable from around 14 weeks of pregnancy right up to baby's birth. For partner preparation The Antenatal Course or Active Birth Workshop complement your Birthing Classes perfectly.

Classes can be adapted to suit pregnancy related conditions and are gentle classes designed for the pregnant body. Whether this is your first baby or you have done this all before Birthing Classes are perfect for you to enjoy pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing in one class.

Book your classes in 6 week blocks but you can come to as many terms as you choose. You will get all the tools and education in one term but there are so many benefits to two or even three terms as you prepare physically and mentally for birth.

You can choose to attend just for yoga and relaxation or come for the whole class and enjoy the education and discussions too. I strongly recommend attending at least one term with the education element.
Frequently Asked Questions
Which option do I choose when booking?

You can choose to book your class with or without the education part. The first 60 minutes each week are yoga and relaxation time. Then we have 30 minutes of antenatal education and discussion covering breathing, hormones, positions, movement - all the things you need to know to work with your body and baby when the time comes. You need to choose what you wish to attend for the 6 weeks but if you book a second term you can change. I strongly recommend at least one term of antenatal education to ensure you are prepared and enjoy the discussion time with the rest of the group.

Why is pregnancy yoga good?

So many reasons! Yoga is shown to help you with shorter labour and better birth outcomes as well as easing discomfort in pregnancy and encouraging baby into the best position for birth. It is also really beneficial to you and your baby to keep stress levels low and practice relaxation techniques every week.

I have had a baby before, will this class be useful for me?

Yes! Lots of people come to Birthing Classes when they have had a baby (or two or three before). Sometimes they come because they want a different preparation because they want a different birth experience this time around (there are often light bulb moments as people learn about birth and understand more about happened in a previous birth). Sometimes they come because they came before and know how amazing the classes are. Sometimes they come to get some time to focus on this baby and pregnancy because it isn't always easy to do when you have little ones already. Whatever your reason for coming you will see so many benefits to joining us whether it is your first baby or not.

I am planning a caesarean birth, can I still attend?

Yes! There are lots of benefits to The Birthing Class, even if a caesarean birth is for you. Enjoying the gentle movement will help with any pregnancy ailments, aches and pains and encourage your baby into a good position which can make you feel more comfortable. Lots of people who attend and have a caesarean birth really value the breathing techniques, whatever your birth breathing and relaxation techniques are invaluable! And when it comes to birth we never know what is going to happen. If your baby decides to put in an appearance sooner than planned the antenatal education might all come in very handy! Plus you get to prepare with other local mums-to-be and have an amazing support network in place ready for when babies arrive.

Can I bring my partner?

No, sorry not to The Birthing Classes. These ones are just for the pregnant person which makes them a very special place. It means you can ask all your questions, share anything you want and know you are in a safe space. Plus you don't need to worry about anyone else's partner seeing you with your bottom in the air doing your pelvic floor exercises! If you want to attend classes with your partner look at The Antenatal Course or Active Birth Workshop options. Both are perfect alongside your Birthing Classes.

How much are classes?

Each 6 week term costs £90 for the full class and £66 for the 60 minute yoga and relaxation class. This includes your weekly class, a WhatsApp group just for your class to stay in touch, and ongoing support from Beth for as long as you need. If you are attending the full 90 minute class you also receive weekly follow up emails with more information and reading on the topics we covered that week.

When and where?

Birthing Classes are held in West Harrow and in Pinner so very accessible from other areas of Harrow, Brent and Hillingdon. On Wednesdays we are at St Peters Church, Sumner Road, HA1 4BX for classes 7.45-9.15pm. On Thursdays we are at Pinner Baptist Church, Paines Lane, HA5 3BL for classes 8-9.30pm. Both venues have on site parking and are within 10 minutes walk of tube/bus routes (dependent on your pregnant walking speed!).

Do I need to bring anything?

Come in comfortable clothes - leggings and a t-shirt/top are ideal. We are on the floor moving around so something you can move easily in. You also need a yoga mat, a cushion or pillow and a blanket to be cosy for relaxation. And don't forget some water.

Sunday 18th February
Confident Birth Workshop

Tuesday 20th February
The Antenatal Course

Wednesday 21st February Baby Classes

Wednesday 28th February The Birthing Class Harrow

Saturday 16th March
Starting Solids Workshop

Tuesday 26th March
Confident Birth Workshop

Tuesday 16th April
The Antenatal Course
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