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The Postnatal Course

Perfect for new parents to better understand their baby and aid their development
Once your baby arrives you find yourself on the steepest learning curve with so many questions!

Are you doing it right?
Are you doing enough?
Are they behaving as they should?
What if I am stopping them developing as they should?
What has happened to my body?
It is really normal to feel overwhelmed in the early days, weeks and months. You are recovering physically and mentally from pregnancy and birth and adapting to life as a new parent. Suddenly you are responsible for keeping this small person alive and helping them grow and learn - it can feel like a huge amount of pressure and responsibility. And maybe feels like a job you are not qualified for!
You might be someone who has read all the books, been to classes and tried to get prepared before baby arrived or you might have found it difficult to think beyond pregnancy or birth and not really thought too much about looking after your new baby.

Either way The Postnatal Course is here to help you embrace your new role with confidence, support and inform you so that you can make the choices that work for your family.

The aim is absolutely not to tell you how to do things but to empower you to find your own way in this parenting journey, take some of the pressure off and help you have fun with your baby along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions
When should I attend?

The Postnatal Course is suitable from birth up to around 4 months. Your baby is very welcome and you can attend to their needs easily whilst still being part of the group. Feeding, naps, nappy changes and walks around are all expected and welcome.

How long is the course?

The Postnatal Course is taught over 4 weekly sessions. Each session lasts 2 hours.

What is the format?

Each week we will cover a different topic. There will be chance to talk about how things are for you and we will have an interactive session for you to learn more. Each week will have either practical elements in the class or practical things you can try at home. It will be a really fun way to learn more about your baby and their development and your role as parents.

What will we cover?

Postnatal Life and Recovery We start with a focus on you! How are you? This first session is all about your changing body as you move through the postnatal period and ways to help with healing restoring. We will include some practical time to focus on core and pelvic floor and some gentle postnatal stretches to ease aching muscles.

Sleep Of course we have a session on sleep! There is some science to help you understand how infant sleep works and why, ideas for improving things for everyone, chance to think about routines, 'training', the many products out there and we will bust some sleep myths. This is certainly not a session with any magic answers but hopefully will bring you the magic of understanding and confidence as you figure out sleep for you and your little one.

Infant Brain Development and Bonding Did you know your baby's brain is forming more than a million new connections per second?! By the time they are 12 months their brain will have doubled in size! That is some serious development and growing happening right from birth. This session helps you understand how you can help those connections form to give your baby the best start physically and emotionally in the critical early months. We include lots of practical ideas that you can use at home in your daily activities.

Tummy Time Tummy time isn't every baby's favourite time! And yet we know that it is really important for lots of aspects of their devlopment. During this session you will learn more about which areas of your baby's development are affected by tummy time and I will help you understand the best ways to do tummy time for different ages and stages of development. I will also show you songs and games to help make it all more fun and engaging at home. This session includes practical time so you can try some new things with your baby with my support.

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