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Daisy Birthing  Antenatal Classes



Daisy Birthing  Antenatal Classes

You might be thinking about pregnancy yoga, hypnobirthing or more traditional antenatal classes.

Daisy Birthing  will give you all that and more, in one affordable class.


Taught over 6 week terms Daisy Birthing  can take you right through from 14 weeks pregnant, until you have your baby. Attend as many terms as you like!

Classes in West Harrow and Pinner


Each 90 minute class will give you;

Flowing yoga based movement to ease pregnancy ailments and prepare you for birth

Breathing techniques for every stage of your birth

Information on medical interventions to help inform your choice

Active Birth techniques

Antenatal education in bitesize chunks each week

Peer to peer support in small women only classes

Relaxation techniques and chance to relax every week!

Support for all birth choices

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