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Daisy Parent  Antenatal Classes



Are you looking for a way to prepare for birth and baby, together?

Daisy Parent   will leave you feeling prepared for your birthing journey and make sure you feel confident about looking after your baby in the early days and weeks



Daisy Parent   is a 15 hour course taught over 6 weeks, in Eastcote near Pinner, for you to attend with your partner. We will give you all the education, tools and support you need to be ready for the leap into parenthood.

What can I expect?

Antenatal and Active Birth Education

Movement, breathing techniques and relaxation

Parenting choices

Small groups so you can ask all your questions but still get to know other local expectant parents

Practical babycare and safety

Baby calming techniques and normal newborn behaviour

Infant Feeding - whatever your feeding goals

Information and support to help you make your own birth and parenting decisions

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