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Daisy Baby Wrigglers

As your baby grows they become more interested in the world around them.


With baby yoga to help them learn about their bodies, sensory play, stories, games and rhymes we encourage them towards their next developmental milestones in a fun and engaging class.

Wrigglers is perfect for babies from 18 weeks to crawling. Baby yoga and sensory play will help them to their next developmental milestone as they improve co-ordination, balance and body awareness. Plus all the rhymes and songs are amazing for encouraging language.

Baby yoga, gentle soft stretches and baby massage

Rhymes and songs - using rhymes, rhythm and beat helps with language development

Infant Education - sleep, feeding, weaning, development. We talk about expectations and give you evidence based information

Sensory play - different colours, textures, and sounds for your baby to experience

Games - it might be parachute games or peekaboo but you'll have fun and take new ideas home with you

Peer support from other mums. No judgement just support and encouragement when you need it

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