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Daisy Baby Tinies
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Perfect for babies from 6 weeks old, Tinies gives you a very special class.

Time for you and your baby together, learning all about their development, calming and soothing techniques, baby massage plus postnatal movement and relaxation.

As a postnatal mum and baby class we also offer lots of peer support with time to chat and catch up each week.

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Classes run in Pinner, in 6 week terms, and are perfect for mums and babies from 6 weeks postnatal to around 5 months. Tinies offers a unique mixture of baby massage, postnatal movement, education and support.

Each weekly class will offer;

Gentle movement and rhymes designed to help your baby's development

Postnatal movement for you. Time each week to focus on your tummy and pelvic floor as your body gently recovers

Baby led classes - cuddle, feed and change whenever you need to

Calming baby massage - help manage colic and digestive issues

Infant education - bitesize chunks of education through the class to help you understand your baby's development

Peer to peer support. No judgement just mums encouraging and helping each other

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