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Antenatal Classes and Preparation


6 weeks to prepare for a confident birth! With yoga based movement, breathing, relaxation, antenatal education and a chance to meet other new mums this class gives you a complete preparation. Evidence based and judgement free.

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A 3.5 hour session for mum and her birth partner to understand how labour works and take a birth journey from the very start to holding the baby. Breathing, positions, massage, ideas for partners to support you and exploring your choices


Our most comprehensive preparation for birth and baby. 6 hours all about birth, including natural techniques and medical interventions, and 6 hours on postnatal recovery/life and practical babycare. Plus the full Infant Feeding Workshop. 15 hours taught over 6 weeks


Have you thought about feeding your baby? Breast? Bottle? A combination? See how it goes? We look at the science and will help prepare you whatever your goals. How breastfeeding works, lots of tips whatever you choose. Plus we'll think about challenges you might face.

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In this one to one session you will have time to talk about your choices for birth. We can discuss where you would like to have your baby and any interventions that might be offered to you. I will not tell you what to do or what I think is best but I will help you with research and information so you can confidently make your decisions.
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We focus so much on planning for birth and sometimes lose sight of what happens next! In this session you will have chance to think about how you would like the early days and weeks with your baby to look and what you can do to prepare. We will also talk about what to expect of life with a newborn.
Saturday 11th May
Starting Solids Workshop

Thursday 16th May

The Birthing Class Pinner

Monday 20th May
Confident Birth Workshop

Wednesday 5th June
Baby Classes

Wednesday 5th June
The Antenatal Course
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